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    Geographical Location

The municiplaity of Talisay is on the coast of Cebu Province and is the first town located twelve (12) kilometers Southwest of Cebu City. It is bounded on the north by Barangay Bulacao of Cebu City; on the west by Barangay Camp 7 of Toledo City; on the south by the Municipality of Minglanilla, Cebu; and on the east by Bohol Strait. It served as an intermediated area on the south of Metro Cebu and is the gateway to the west and southern towns of the province. The municipality has a total land area of 5,251.558 hectares and the municipality is made up of twenty-two (22) barangays namely: Biasong, Camp 4, Camp 6, Candulawan, Cansojong, Dumlog, Jaclupan, Lagtang, Lawaan I, Lawaan II, Lawaan III, Linao, Maghaway, Mohon, Poblacion, Pooc, San Isidro, San Roque, Tabunoc, Tangke and Tapul.

Class : I-C
Annual Income:(As of 1996) P 24,964,160.66
No. of Barangays: 22
Barangay: Bulacao
Income: P60Million (Year 2000)
Total Land Area (Cadastral Survey): 8,645.00 Has.
Land Classification as of (Latest Year)
Arable Area: 1,217.376 Has.
Residential : 3,110.40 Has.
Commercial : 129.60 Has.
Industrial : 72.576 Has.
Certified Alienable /Disposable Land: Has.
Classified Forest/Reservation/Timberland:
Wildlife/Military Reserve Land :
Unclassified Forest Land/Wilderness :
National Parks/Playgrounds : Has.

The average elevation of the town is 25 ft. or 7 meters above sea level and the highest point is approximately 300 m. from the sea level. Talisay having a total land area of 5,251.558 hectares, the same is broken down into the following percentage of slope and its corresponding area occupied, to wit:
% of slope Area % occupied
0 - 3 2,414.7690 has. 45.98 %
3 - 5 30.4875 has. 0.58 %
5 - 8 133.9875 has. 2.55 %
8 - 15 65.9250 has. 1.26 %
15- 25 35.4800 has. 0.68 %
25- 30 237.7800 has. 4.45 %
30 up 2,337.1390 has. 44.50 %

Climate :
The climate of Talisay falls under the third type and is characterized by a pronounced maximum rain periods with short dry seasons lasting from 1 to 3 months. The distribution of rainfall shows that March to April is the dry season and the heaviest rains pour in October due to depressions, typhoons and the start of the northeasterly winds through November and December. Talisay shorelines are largely exposed to southwesterly winds in July and August. Northeasterly winds blow from the direction of Cebu City eight months of the year beginning in October through May. Westerly and northwesterly winds hardly affect the town owing to its high mountain ranges towards this direction. Mean relative humidity rises in June and July by 77% to 78% and reaches its peak in October and November by 79% and goes down in December and January by 77% to 78%. Mean temperature reaches its height in April by 72%. Mean temperature reaches its height in April and May at 28.2oC and drops down to its lowest in January and February at 26.3oC.

Soil Type :
Talisay has (4) types of soils, namely: Faraon Clay, Faraon Clay Steep Phase, Baguio Clay Loam.

Geology :
The mountainous areas in Talisay are of indigenous origin. The town is well-drained except in certain parts of Poblacion and Dumlog near the mouth of Mananga river where manggroves abound. Its abundant supply of artesian water that sprouts out of its own pressure and fine beaches in the town although some have dried up. No mineral of commercial value have been prospected.



Population: (Latest NCSO Survey-1994 ) 137,624
No. of Household 104,310
Labor Force: 61,684

    Infrastructure and Utilities Road Network  

National Road: Kms.
Provincial Road: Kms.
Municipal Road : Kms.
Barangay Road : Kms.
Ports (Domestic/International):
Airport (If any):
Schools (Public & Private)
Elementary: Public 15
                     Private 5

High Schools: Public 3
                        Private 4

College: 1 Public, 2 Private

Library: -
Public Market: 2
Multi-purpose Building: 2
Recreation Courts/Centers : 31

Transportation Services
   No. of Buses:
   No. of Jeepneys :
   No.of Tricycles:
   No. of Trisicads :

   No. of Post Office: 2
   No. of Telephone Stations: 4
   No. of Telex Services: 2
   No. of Telegraphic Stations:4

   Source of Electricity: VECO
   No. of Barangay Served: 22
   No. Household Served:


   Source of Water: MCWD
   No. of Households Served

    Financial Intermediaries  

No. of Commercial Banks and Money Shops:
No. of Government Banks: 1
No. of Savings Banks:
No. of Rural Banks: 2
No. of Lending/Financing Institutions: 8
No. of Cooperatives within the area:

    Trade and Industry  

Commercial   Establishments  

Type of Business   No. of Establishments

Shellcraft 30
Rattan Factory 52
Garment Factory 61
Hollow Block Factory 38
Sand and Gravel 8
Crushing Plant 2
Rice and Corn Mills 5
Marine Products Processing Plant 191
Poultry Farms 22
Piggery Farms 3
Sari-sari Stores 708
Restaurants & Cafeterias 107
Lechon Dealers 16
Fresh Fish & Meal Retailers 279
General Merchandising 112
Dry Goods Peddlers 61
Real Estate Lessor 16
Service and Repair Shops
Tailoring & Dress Shops 32
Labor Contractor 33
Lumber and Hardwares 8
Pharmacies and Drug Stores
Commercial Bldg. 8
Gasoline Stations 8
Bakeries 23
Photo Shops & Beauty Parlors 11
Motels 1,459
Importer/Exporter of Native Products 45

Raw materials available within the area:
Types of Materials Est'd.Vol./Supply Suppliers/Producers
   1. Coconut 855 tons
   2. Banana 1332 tons
   3. Mango 942.75 tons
   4. Vegetables 1070.60 tons
   5. Corn 142.50 tons
   6. Rice 550 tons

Livestock/ Poultry Farms
   No. of Heads Location

    1. Asa Farm 35,000 birds Dumlog 100 swine
    2. Becky Bretta Farm 30,000 birds Biasong 500 swine
    3. Tan Poultry Farm 15,000 birds Biasong
    4. Bravo Farm 40,000 birds Kimba
    5. Dela Torre Farm 1,000 birds Kimba
    6. Leon Amangpang Farm 5,000 birds San Isidro
    7. Cabigas Farm 5,000 birds San Isidro
    8. O. Manreal Farm 5,000 birds Pooc
    9. I. Po Farm 5,000 birds Ilang-ilang
   10.V & F Farm 20,000 birds Mohon
   11. W. Lu Farm 10,000 birds Mohon
   12. Mrs. Wong Farm 10,000 birds Mohon
   13. Saavedra 10,000 birds Mohon 100 swine

Existing Skills Percent (%) To Total Population
   1. Carpentry
   2. Masonry
   3. Loomweavers

Existing Tourist Attraction/s Location

1. Fil-Am Landing

Geography | Demography | Infrastructure | Financial | Trade & Industry



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