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    Geographical Location

The Municipality of Barili is located 61 kms.via Carcar road southwest of Cebu City. It is bounded on the South by the municipality of Dumanjug; on the North by the Municipality of Aloguinsan; on the East by the Municipality of Carcar & Sibonga an the West by Taņon Strait.

Class : 4th
Annual Income:(As of 1996) P 12,487,948.00
No. of Barangays: 42
Total Land Area (Cadastral Survey): 11,715.00 Has.
Land Classification as of (LatestYear)
Arable Area: 10,502.00 Has.
Residential : 45.00 Has.
Commercial : 7.00 Has.
Industrial : 1,160.40 Has.
Certified Alienable /Disposable Land: 12,262.00 Has.
Classified Forest/Reservation/Timberland: 30.00 Has. Wildlife/Military Reserve Land : -
Unclassified Forest Land/Wilderness : -
National Parks/Playgrounds : -

Undulating to rolling

Type III

Soil Type:
Faraon Clay, Faraon Clay steep phase, Lugo Clay, Mandaue Clay and Beach Sand



Population: (Latest NCSO Survey-1995 ) 51,496
Male 26,250
Female 25,207
No. of Household 9,942
Labor Force: 26,294
Employed: 18,405
Underemployed: 1,315
Unemployed: 6,574

    Infrastructure and Utilities Road Network  

National Road: 15.86 Kms.
Provincial Road: 31.48 Kms.
Municipal Road : 7.74 Kms.
Barangay Road : 71.45 Kms.
Ports (Domestic/International): none
Airport (If any): none
Schools (Public & Private)
   Elementary: 31
   High Schools: 6
   College: 1
Public Library: none
Public Market: 2
Multi-purpose Building: -
Recreation Courts/Centers : -

Transportation Services

   No. of Buses: 22
   No. of Jeepneys : 35
   No.of Tricycles: 94
   No. of Trisicads: 390


   No. of Post Office: 1
   No. of Telephone Stations: 1
   No. of Telex Services: 1
   No. of Telegraphic Stations: 1


   Source of Electricity: CEBECO
    No. of Barangay Served: 33
    No. Household Served: -


   Source of Water: Mun. Water System
    No. of Households Served: 285

    Financial Intermediaries  

No. of Commercial Banks and Money Shops: none
No. of Government Banks: none
No. of Savings Banks: none
No. of Rural Banks: 1
No. of Lending/Financing Institutions: none
No. of Cooperatives within the area: 5

    Trade and Industry  

Commercial   Establishments  

Type of Business   No. of Establishments

Sari-sari Stores 153
Restaurants & Cafeterias 26
Fresh Fish & Meal Retailers 43
General Merchandising 6
Service and Repair Shops 4
Tailoring & Dress Shops 3
Pawnshops & Lending Investments 2
Lumber and Hardwares 4
Pharmacies and Drug Stores 6
Marketing Firms (Appliances, furniture,etc.) 2
Gasoline Stations 2
Bakeries 14
Photo Shops & Beauty Parlors 5
Others (Pls. Specify)
Funeral Display Center 2
Motor Parts Dealer 2

Raw materials available within the area:
Types of Materials Est'd.Vol./Supply Suppliers/Producers
   2.Coco Lumber
   4. Bamboo
   5. Buri

Existing Skills Percent (%) To Total Population
   1. Carpentry
   2. Masonry
   3. Loomweavers

Existing Tourist Attraction/s Location
   1. Mantayupan Falls Mantayupan, Barili
   2. Bolocboloc Hot Spring Bolocboloc, Barili
   3. Paradise Valley Mountain Resort Paril, Barili

Geography | Demography | Infrastructure | Financial | Trade & Industry



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