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Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council - Cebu

The SMEDC-Cebu

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council - Cebu (SMEDC-Cebu) was formally organized in February 21, 1996 by virtue of Republic Act 6977 as amended by Republic Act 8289, otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Small Enterprises. It was created to effectively spur the growth and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) throughout the country by way of facilitating and closely coordinating national and local efforts to promote the viability of SMEs. The Council is attached to the Department of Trade and Industry and meets on a regular monthly basis.

Composition of the Council

Originally, the council has 13 member-agencies composed of representatives from both government and private sectors. Now, it has grown to include the:

  • Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry as Chairman;
  • Department of Trade and Industry as Co-Chairman and Secretariat;
  • Member-Agencies:
    Department of Science and Technology
    Department of Labor and Employment
    Department of Agriculture
    Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
    Philippine Information Agency
    Development Bank of the Philippines
    Small Business Guarantee & Finance Corporation
    Guarantee Fund for SMEs
    Trade & Industry Development Corporation
    University of San Carlos - Business Resource Center
    Fashion Accessories Manufacturers & Exporters Foundation Phils., Inc.
    Metal Industry Association of the Philippines
    Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation
    Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas - Regional Office
    Chamber of Thrift Banks
    Cebu Bankers' Club
    Cebu Provincial Government

Powers & Functions

  1. To help establish the needed environment and opportunities conducive to the growth and development of the SME sector;
  2. To recommend to the President and Congress all policy matters affecting SMEs;
  3. To formulate a comprehensive SME Development Plan to be integrated into the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Development Plans;
  4. To coordinate and integrate various government and private sector activities relating to small and medium enterprises development;
  5. To review existing policies on government agencies that would affect the growth and development of SMEs and recommend changes to the President and/or Congress whenever deemed necessary;
  6. To monitor and determine the progress of various agencies geared towards the development of the sector;
  7. To promulgate implementing guidelines, programs and operating principles as may be deemed proper and necessary in the light of government policies and objectives of the Magna Carta for SMEs;
  8. To provide the appropriate policy and coordinative framework in assisting relevant government policies, in coordination with NEDA and the Coordinating Council for Philippine Assistance Program, as may be necessary, in the tapping of local and foreign funds for SME development.
  9. To promote the productivity and viability of SMEs by way of directing and/or assisting relevant government agencies and instititutions at the local level.

Structure of SMEDC-Cebu

FIN. COM       = Financial Committee
IT. COM         = Information Technology Committee
PROG. COM   = Program Committee
POL. COM      = Policy Committee
PR. COM       = Public Relations Committee

Goals & Objectives

To achieve its vision of creating a more conducive environment for SMEs in Cebu Province to grow and develop, the SMED Council adopts the following goals and objectives:

  • To serve as a forum for SME issues and concerns in Cebu;
  • To synchronize programs and services for SME development;
  • To advocate policies and provide directions for SMEs in Cebu to thrive;
  • To come up with an accurate, updated, and consolidated database on SMEs located in Cebu;
  • To encourage active membership and involvement of SMED Council members;
  • to establish image and identity of the SMED Council as the voice and champion of SMEs.


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