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GTEB/EDI Service Center in Cebu
Introduction | The Garments and Textile Export Board Network (GTEBNet) |
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  1. Introduction
  2. In line with the Philippine government's effort to sustain economic growth and global competitiveness, both the government and private sectors have recognized the need to provide a good business environment for the export sector through export trade facilitation. In order to address this need, the Department of Trade and Industry - Cebu Provincial Office has created the One Stop Export Documentation Center (OSEDC) to simplify export documentation procedures. In addition to this, the Garments and Textiles Export Board (GTEB) Cebu has also improved its communication system by adapting the latest technology in computer-to-computer messaging, which is the ideal solution for the transfer of regular business data, integrating systems across organizations using open international standards.

    The OSEDC is composed of different personnel representing their respective offices involved in exports. They are housed in one roof to serve exporters by processing their export documents, and facilitating export trade transactions, thereby avoiding the inconveniences of moving from one office to another just to get the necessary papers.

    Unlike the exporters from other industry sectors such as fashion accessories, gifts, toys and housewares, furniture and others who can easily process their documents at the center, exporters from the garments sector have difficulty in getting their clearance at the start, since the clearing agency which is the GTEB is located in Manila.

    Considering the great contribution of the garment industry to our developing economy, both the government and private sectors have recognized the need to accelerate the implementation of the country's initiative in the simplification of export procedures to be globally competitive. For this reason, the DTI-Cebu Provincial Office, in cooperation with GTEB-Manila and the Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. - Cebu (PhilExport-Cebu) has agreed to set up the GTEB/EDI Cebu Service Center to cater to the needs of the garment exporters. The project was established in 1996 and was fully implemented in 1997. Presently, the center is operating at the OSEDC, a DTI project which management has turned over to PhilExport-Cebu.


  3. The Garments and Textile Export Board Network (GTEBNet)
  4. The GTEBNet is a network community set up between the GTEB and its exporters to facilitate electronic transmission of export documents. It is a project of the Garments and Textiles Export Board (GTEB), an agency under the Department of Trade and Industry, and implemented in cooperation with EDINet Philippines, Inc.

    The GTEBNet Project envisions the following:

      • simplification of GTEB procedures;
      • enable the exporters to transact electronically with GTEB through EDI;
      • automate processing of documents;
      • compliance to United States Customs requirement in the implementation of Electronic Visa Information System (ELVIS).

    The GTEBNet Processing

    Under this system, transactions are being done right in the comfort of each exporter's own offices. Applications are created and submitted through an office computer. Likewise, responses from GTEB can also be received right in one's own computer just in a matter of minutes. Electronic Data Interchange Network Philippines Inc. will validate the messages received from GTEB will in turn be sent back to the exporters. With the adoption of this system, much cost has been saved in terms of time, money, manpower, and effort.

    GTEB Application Fees

    Export Authorization (EA)……………….. P 70.00
    Textile Export Clearance (TEC)/
    Textile Export Visa……………………….. P100.00
    Amendments……………………………… P100.00
    VISA Application…..……………………… P100.00

    Current Documentation Procedures

    Under the current documentation procedure, the garment exporter submits his export documents at the receiving counter of the One Stop Export Documentation Center (OSEDC). From the receiving officer, the documents are then forwarded to the GTEB/EDI Service Center for processing. After evaluation of the documents, these are entered into the computer and electronically sent to GTEB-Manila for approval through the EDI VAN.

    (View Current Procedures)

    Proposed Documentation Procedure

    In Cebu, only GTEB is processing its export documents electronically. With the full implementation of EDI System, it is proposed that all agencies involved in exports like the Bureau of Customs (BOC), Cebu Ports Authority (CPA), cargo handlers, shipping lines and others will proceed with electronic processing.

    (View Proposed Procedure)

    For the garments sector, GTEB further envisions the following projects:

        • electronic mail for GTEB and exporters;
        • online database on quota allocation;
        • electronic payment of fees;
        • electronic submission of Export Declaration to Bureau of Customs;
        • electronic cargo reservation and issuance of Bill of Lading.

    (View here)


  5. The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a direct computer-to-computer exchange of structured business documents. The adaption of EDI technology has benefited the GTEB in terms of administrative efficiency, maximized utilization of quota allocation, and faster dissemination of information. To exporters, it has offered a faster flow and processing of export documents, minimizes delays in export shipments, allows a longer lead time for production, gives accurate information on documents and reduces cost.

  6. Contact Us

For inquiries on GTEBNet-Cebu, please contact:
Ms. Filipinas L. Pantulia
Department of Trade & Industry - Cebu Provincial Office
One-Stop Export Documentation Center
3/F LDM Building, Legaspi Street
Cebu City, Philippines 6000
Tel. (6332) 2532173
Fax (6332) 2544240
Email: dticebu@dti.cvis.net.ph


Introduction | The Garments and Textile Export Board Network (GTEBNet) |
The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) | Contact Us |


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